Catrin Lloyd-Bollard

is a Pittsburgh-based actor, writer, performer & musician.


She is an ensemble member of Title:Point and performs in various other theater, film and performance art projects. She composes and performs music as CATFOX.


She received her BA from Harvard University in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies with a focus on Performance, and works in Arts Administration at HB Studio.

"Their fast-paced existential quips are excellently portrayed by Lloyd-Bollard and Downey, who have fantastic timing and comedic chemistry onstage." - Bushwick Daily





Acting Resumé


You Are Under Our Space Control          (Lead)                Dir. Kara Feely / Object Collection

It's All True                            #2 (Lead)             Dir. Kara Feely / Object Collection

The Chroma Key                           Big Boy O'Badboy      Dir. Theresa Buchheister / Title:Point

Never Odd Or Even                        P4 (Lead)             Dir. Theresa Buchheister / Title:Point

Biter: Every Time I Turn Around          Golly (Lead)          Dir. Theresa Buchheister / Title:Point

Everything of Any Value                  #1 (Lead)             Dir. Theresa Buchheister / Title:Point

The Conduct of Life                      Leticia (Lead)        Dir. George Bartenieff 

Magic Bullets                            Catrin (Lead)         Dir. Adam Burnett / Buran Theatre Co.

Salish                                   Trinket               Dir. Theresa Buchheister / Title:Point

Q&Y                                      “S”                   Dir. Theresa Buchheister / Title:Point

Nightmares                               Claire Clairmont      Dir. Adam Burnett / Buran Theatre Co.

The Moss Lady                            Crystal (Lead)        Dir. Cameron Stuart / Saints of an Unnamed Country

One Arm and a Leg                        Laura (Lead)          Dir. Calla Videt / Sightline

The Tempest                              Miranda (Lead)        Dir. Martin Shell / Hampshire Shakespeare Co.

Woman With The Red Kerchief              Dunyasha              Dir. Melissa Penley

Duett (adaptaion of  Quartett)           Merteuil (Lead)       Dir. Amy Stebbins

The Space Between                        Eurydice (Lead)       Dir. Calla Videt

Mnemonic                                 Alice (Lead)          Dir. Calla Videt

Brecht Shorts                            Jewish Wife/Polly     Dir. Amy Stebbins

Playboy of the Western World             Pegeen Mike (Lead)    Dir. Aoife Spillane-Hinks

Beckett Shorts                           May/His Assistant     Dir. Nick O'Donovan 

Slavs!                                   Katherina Gleb (Lead) Dir. Aoife Spillane-Hinks

Twelfth Night                            Maria                 Dir. Akiva Fox

Hamlet                                   Ophelia               Dir. Ben Ware / Hampshire Shakespeare Co.

The Winter's Tale                        Hermione              Dir. Laura Patton / Hampshire Shakespeare Co.

As You Like It                           Phebe                 Dir. Laura Patton / Hampshire Shakespeare Co.

2010 - present

2010 - present


Look Out Sh!thead                        Lead (Webisodes)      Dir. Kara Feely / Object Collection

Lamb of God: Embers                      Lead (music video)    Dir. Zev Deans / Panorama Programming

The Moosehead Over the Mantel            Minnie (feature)      Dir. Shannon Hall / Inappropriate Films

Heaven's Jail: Long Island Sound         Lead (music video)    Dir. Curt Wayne Millard

White Rhino                              Maria (short)         Dir. Martin Noboa

Catfox: Pardon Me I Must Confess         CATFOX (music video)  Dir. Martin Noboa

Night Undoes the Work of Day             Emma (short)          Dir. Trevor Byrne

Infinity Hotel: Beach Break              Lead (music video)    Dir. Dan Keezer

Beautiful Garbage                        Jodi (book trailor)   Dir. Lauren Raynor and Jill DiDonato

Two Coffees                              Debbie (Lead)         Dir. Jacob Kramer

The Bean                                 Claire (Lead)         Dir. Trevor Byrne


Pandemonium (reading)                              Director              9BC, NYC 

The Storm                                          Director              Saints of an Unnamed Country, NYC 

Blasted                                            Director­              Loeb Mainstage, Cambridge, MA

La Casa Azul                                       Assistant Director    Mephisto, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol                    Assistant Director    Loeb Mainstage, Cambridge, MA

Education / Training

Harvard University                                 BA: Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality, 2008

  Honors Thesis: The Powers of Horror in Sarah Kane’s Blasted: Theater of the Abject, magna plus


Ilse Pfeifer                                       Speaking Voice        HB Studio, NYC 

Stefanie Proessl                         Alexander Technique   HB Studio, NYC   

Robert Woodruff                                    Directing             Harvard University, MA

Stephen Eldredge                                   Acting                Hampshire Shakespeare Young Co., MA